Not enough space in your house? Ready to move out? Wait. We are going to add more space in your existing house and modernize it such that everything flows fluidly bringing all the electrical, plumbing etc up to par with modern standards. We comply with all the by laws and either work with your personal design or get you a designer to help you build what you need.

Pericon takes a raw basement and turns it into a finished ready to live in space with recreation room, washroom, theater room and bed rooms etc. We have taken leaky basements with moisture infiltration problems and turned them around completely. We have lowered basements, worked on drainage and exterior walls etc. there is no end to our creative problem solving.

We take old kitchens & resurrect them back to to 2016 contemporary style standards featuring the state of the art cabinets, pull out sections in drawers, dishwashers and ovens etc. Basically we redesign everything keeping in mind accessibility and your comfort. All of it with minimum hassle to your pocket. And in the process we add exponential value to your home.

Bathrooms are one the two most important elements within a dwelling, from both a functional living space perspective, & they are an important contributing component of market value. Many houses have older washrooms, with plumbing in disrepair, outdated fixtures, and antiquated styling design. We can help you create the most freshly designed, modern, clean, & functionally outstanding bathrooms, for both you & your family's enjoyment. Just give us a call, and "let's get started"!

We have worked on multi-unit spaces in both the commercial and residential field as well as apartments overcoming challenges relating to fire separation, sound attenuation, individual utility and safety features, making sure in all cases to comply with code requirements and current standards. 

We bring the 2d map on a piece of paper to a real life 3d structure. We go from idea to reality keeping in min, the wishes of the client herself. In projects like these, all sorts of challenges emerge, whatever the problem may be, we make on site solutions by mediating with the client and architect and do so as economically as possible. The twenty seven year experience means that there is very little that surprises us. We are ready to troubleshoot for any kind of construction problem.

There are a lot of unknowns when one opens walls or ceilings. Thats why you need a company that can anticipate any and all types of challenges because it has three decades of experience solving for all such problems. We always take into account our customers needs and budget when deciding on the levels of finishes, the kind of materials and the balance between style and functionality.

All homeowners when involved with a restoration project have to make a compromise between what to maintain and what to replace. With Pericon on your side, you can sit back and relax as we make sure to refurbish the existing structures that you do not want to loose. Even in the case of old structures where time has taken its tole, we make intelligent decisions such that there is no compromise in the look & functionailty of the final product.

      In this section, you will find all the various interior residential services that Pericon provides for you and your family. We are proud to help you with any number of different needs that you might have from bathroom redesign, to basement renovation, to kitchen modernization, and with special attention to affordability, and without any compromise on quality!