Our expert trades people install ceiling tile, sound attenuation, proper lighting, data lines, electrical 

requirements, cubical

partitioning, flooring, carpeting, HVAC and air circulation eith effectiveness and efficiency to avoid future problems. 

    Our attention to fire and safety hazards, fresh air, accessibility and handiicap washrooms distinguish us from our competitors.











     Similar to the restaurant we are conscious of kitchen details. We excel at draft taps instalation, wood finish, refridgeration lines, and meet the needs of the client without a cookie cutter standard by creating a unique design. 
     Our expert craftsmanship, deals with reputable millwork subtrades that strictly adhere to city requirements, by laws and Provincial standards.


     We offer the utmost quality service so no plumbing or other issues occur to disrupt food service.
     There are extra requirements for HVAC, air extraction, and extra requirements for plumbing, fire protection and CO2 systems.
     In the kitchens we install non-slip flooring and we are conscious of a proactive cleanliness design.
     The kitchens need special care for fire separations,fire damping, grease traps, and 
specialised sinks fixtures.

     We can do storefronts, restore old masonry walls or take down masonry walls and refinish the brick for an exposed look.                             People like the exposed 

masonry walls brought back from being covered with plaster or drywall and now they are visible and finished. It adds a kind of rustic yet finished look.            

     We are able to display products through coordinated lighting, millwork, product displays and different finishes.


     Our expert engineers and architects diligently work to meet deadlines while at the same time being very concious of the safety of our tradespeople, labourers and the general public.

     We are able to produce LEED standard designs from the help of our expert architects.

     We can meet the customers design needs or have our own people design a facility for them.

     Our licensed electricians are ESA 
approved, our plumbing, steamfitting and welding professionals work according to Provincial mandates and guidelines, and our HVAC team upholds integirty and reliability for sensitive environments.

     Whether it be new construction or renovating an existing space, we can take your 60 year old commercial space, gut it to the bricks and bring you into 2016 with a modern look.

     We are committed to making sure that code requirements, especially in places where commercial and residential spaces meet, are followed. 

     All the requirements are known ahead of time and we will not have to go back later and make repreations. This is how Pericon distinguishes itself from other developers.

     We have a number of people that we can give as references who have had renovations by us. Our clients are satisfied and repeat customers; people we still work for today.