At Pericon, we employ experienced carpenters, and use top quality materials. We combine that with our extreme attention to detail, to build  structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing decks and gazebos for our clients and their families. We also like to give the client creative control in the process, for them to choose and make the decisions to suit their own sense of style. At last but no the least, our extensive experience helps us to build in order to please the client, and as well, to meet with the requirements and regulations, set out by  the bylaws that are in place and encompassing the area. 

We build retaining walls, only according to proper engineering requirements. We follow these requirements strictly in all areas including drainage and backfill. We incorporate additional bracing and support, that help protect the integrity of the retaining wall structure. Many different problems  can occur if retaining walls are not built properly. For example, if the earth behind the retaining wall is not properly sloped, and the appropriate amount of aggregate stone, drainage conduit, and filters are not utilized, that can lead to ongoing problems in the future.  We use our extensive experience to anticipate such problems beforehand, and create long-lasting retaining walls.

Pericon due to its extensive experience spanning three decades, is able to anticipate problems and make sure that all traps are avoided in the future. For example some contractors may use the same type of base compositions for driveways, as they would for walkways, but this is problematic. Driveways need greater standard requirements to meet with the demands to support the extra weight.  We remove ALL top soil, prepare the appropriate aggregate bases, employ additional support in areas where vehicles may remain parked, and in the process avoid  future shifting and sinking issues. Whether you choose to put in a precast stone, concrete or asphalt driveway, let Pericon build a strong, reliable driveway for you.

Pericon can provide our clients with all types of walkways and stairs, ranging from natural stone, interlocking stone, concrete walkways, as well as  ramps for handicap and special needs access. We identify any underlying problems and implement relevant solutions. For example, Pericon gives carefull 

consideration in making sure that ALL top soil is removed from the work area, so that there are no soil compaction related problems in the future. Similarly, we ensure that all drainage regulations are adhered to, and that the proper substrate base is utilised for longevity.  For all poured concrete applications, we always ensure that the proper depths and thickness are met, expansion and control joints are applied, and as well, that the appropriate concrete compositions are utilized. Natural stone and precast walkways and stairs, are installed with equal considerations, and by professional workmen, to suit your need for longevity and your own sense of style. Pericon ensures your walkway to remain reliable, long lasting and beautiful! 

Waterproofing is one of those areas where customers have the hardest time finding the right people to work with. Look no further; At Pericon, we understand full well, all aspects of the water proofing proceedure. We know the importance of performing properly the work, involving the excavation of the foundation walls, proper cleaning of the walls, applying cement coating,  waterproof coating, drainage membranes, installing sump pumps, weeping tile, gravel filters, backfill, and the restoration of the surface. We make the conscientious choices to makes sure that all the right steps are taken. We pride ourselves in leaving even the most difficult of projects, with a smiling customer and a job well done.

In this section, you will find all the various external residential services that Pericon provides for you and your family. We are proud to help you with any number of different needs that you might have,... from walkways and driveways, to retaining walls and decks. Want more? Need help also with waterproofing?  No problem!

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