Whether is be the front, face, back or side, you're taking the front face of a building and removing whatever styling or materials are on it presently and applying new materials to it or taking it down completely and rebuilding it.

     We have the staff and skills to build scaffolding, recieve permits for encorachment on city property, adhere to safety requirements for protecting pedestrians, other traffic, and hydro wires.

     Our craftsmanship  offers visibility for marketing and familiarity. 

    We have sub contractos who will take your needs and designs and provide for you as per your instructions or offer creative outlooks on modern stlyes.  

     Our products give strong and aeathetically pleasing designs for fencing, placement of tables and chairs, built in seating for padios, extending plumbing facilities for a sink, water supply, draft lines and drainage, overhead protection, sun, rain, and exterior heating. 

     We stay within boudaries of the bylaw, ensuring the structure is sound and safe to 

maintain the number of people, build to specifications, conscious of the elements, the best quality material and employ the best kind of professional for the job.

     We proudly supply beautiful glass, entrences, and doorways to meet any design needs.  

     We are conscious of zoning permits, proximity to sidewalks, pedestrians, the need for encroachment permits to work on sidewalks, traffic - car and pedestrian, and safety measures to protect the epublic. 

     We adherence to safety measures and requirements offering a finished durable quality of product. 

We also work with the external construction and renovation demands of many different types of commercial businesses. If you have such a need or if you have more than one requirement.

Do not hesitate to call us at 416-755-2337, 

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